Cobra auto seat covers

High quality seat covers for all seats.


Artificial leather & Genuine leather

Seat cover made completely out of high quality black eco /artificial/ leather and in the middle – with genuine leather. Foam: 5-8mm. These are materials that are used in car manufacturing.


Universal model

Zipper for split rear seats. Backrest cover with 3 zippers to accommodate for 50-50 or 60-40 split,  armrest – middle console is able to fold down by unzipping one of the zippers on the backrest cover.

Overview of the product features

Heating and quality

Our seat covers are compatible with seat heating already installed in the car seat. The high-quality material is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Therefore, the seat cover lasts especially long .


The front seat covers are suitable for all vehicles with an integrated side airbag. The product provides maximum safety for you and your passengers and can save lives in case of an emergency.


Overall 14 parts of the article.
Included 5 Head Rest Covers made from high quality textile. Bottom bench cover and backrest cover separeted on the front seats and backseats.

Seat covers from Artificial leather & Genuine leather

The seat cover set for our model with artificial leather & genuine leather in the colour black is high-quality manufactured and provides for an elegant look in your car. The model is available with white, blue and red threads, but with only black leather.


Foam: 5-8mm.



Number parts

Overall 14 parts of the article.

Side airbag